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Tibi David

Designer/Content Creator

I absolutely love the UX Design Review feature. I already had some highly optimized landing pages with fantastic conversion rates, and I didn't believe I could enhance them any further. But guess what? After submitting my entire landing page for a UX review, I received some incredibly valuable tips that I immediately applied, resulting in an even higher conversion rate. CRAZY!!

Filip Gres

Design Lead at Mimo

UX Pilot will help you leverage AI's power in your design process. It's especially powerful when analyzing insights and synthesizing them into actionable items. Great tool!

Jeremy Miller

🎙️ Host @ Beyond UX Design & Freelance Designer

Workshops are generally pretty hard for first-time facilitators. I absolutely love UX Pilot's facilitation templates. The number of templates is huge, and it makes my job a lot easier. I also love the custom workshop template generator. UX Pilot has definitely helped make me a better, more confident facilitator!

Make AI your best friend

Generate Hifi UI Designs

  • 10x your process
  • Get responsive codes
  • Create pixel perfect screens

Generate Wireframes

  • Ideate at scale
  • Create complex wireframes
  • Get code ready concepts

Turn text to insight




How Might We

UX Laws

AI-based UX design Review

  • Enhance your designs
  • Spark creativity with fresh ideas
  • Sharpen your UX skills

ChatGPT in your Figma LogoFIGMA & FIGJAM file

  • No need to switch tabs or windows
  • You have full access to ChatGPT
  • No Open AI subscription required

Generate Custom Workshops

No template that reflects your unique challenges?

Generate your own!

In just 2 minutes, you’ll go from describing your challenges to a FigJam file.

Power your UX process

Our tools got you covered every step of the way


Requirements gathering

Starting a new project? Start it right.

  • Define context & generate tailored questions
  • Conduct an interview
  • Start your project with clarity
Create script ->
Gather insights

User insightNew

Extract user intelligence in no time.

  • Generate questions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Extract insights automatically in seconds
Generate user interview ->

Conduct Workshops

Align your team around common goals

  • Choose among 30+ templates
  • Generate custom workshops with AI
  • Gain directions to win over stakeholders
Open plugin ->


Messy workshops take hours to clean up?

– Not anymore. Let AI do the dirty work.

You can now transform information: group, expand, cluster and much more. All in a matter of seconds.

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Explore endless possibilities

Generate concepts and wireframes.

Write a prompt, get code-ready screens

Generate wireframes ->

From requirements to a style guide

Define the look and feel of your product.

  • Define context
  • Get a style guide with fonts & colours
Yes, it’s as simple as that.Open plugin ->

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